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Who are we?

East meets west. We are two different personalities which reflect the Western and Asian culture.Both personalities complement each other and it is reflected in our fine art photography.

Alfred Teng – Artist Photographer

I was a designer working for an advertising company for years. Day in day out long hours feeling stuck in a dead end job and I got tired of these life creativity got suck away.

I started to explore photography as a creative outlet. Taking photographs during my vacation trips and discovering art through photography. Soon i got small sales in some of the stock images agencies and fine art sites. my creativity is reassure and confident went up the roof. i focus more on photography with overflowing creative juices with incredible results. That was three years ago, now i am a full time artist photographer

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Ulrich Schade – Artist Photographer

Since my childhood I have a passion for photography. After I worked many years in Asia, I decided to undergo a professional training as Photographer. Photography enables me to capture the presence, to preserve it for the future. Photography stands for me as a symbol of enlightenment.

Since I started, 14 years ago, to live in Asia, my photography view changed and expanded. Besides the commercial photography aspects, I progressive developed a vision for fine art photography. I am influenced by my travels in Asia, ethnology, ethnobotany, the passion for yoga/ meditation and my spiritual life.

Most of the commercial photography takes place as studio work. Traveling and working on fine art photography widens my horizon and brings new and fresh ideas into the studio work. My artistic work is always progressing. Currently I add videography as a further dimension to my work.

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